Family Therapy

The Amy Winehouse Project considers family therapy a pivotal component of substance abuse treatment. The family unit is a system, and as one person recovers, there will be an impact on the other members of the family. Using face-to-face sessions and e-therapy, clients and their loved ones are encouraged to participate in family psychotherapy and psycho-educational tools to support the recovery process. Family therapy focuses on helping the family to support their loved one in recovery in the most productive way. This often means identifying and exploring patterns of communication and behavior between the family members, and finding new ways of relating to one another. Our clinicians work with the family on establishing healthy boundaries, and recognizing patterns of codependency that can so often lead to negative outcomes. We encourage family members to identify and verbalize how living with addiction has impacted them. Healing relationships, and finding balance within the family structure, is an essential element of the family work. Family groups will also be made available for families who are visiting or live close to Delray Beach.

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